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Signs are a Vital Part of Your Sales Team


Your signs are an important part of your sales team. You hire them and they work continually for you 24 hours a day.  They do eventually grow old and  "tired".  When they no longer work for you, then it is time for them to retire, and you need to think about hiring a fresh new team. 

Signs are one of the most efficient and effective means of communication available.

They are such a powerful communication medium that it is hard to estimate the influence they have on people. It is very easy to overlook their importance in our everyday life.

Many people use signs every day without a second thought. We tack up signs such as: wet paint, beware of dog, entrance, garage sale, "Go Ducks!" or "Go Beavers!" etc. (for all of you Oregon fans)

Signs are a cost effective tool, directly available to everyone for use in mass communication.

Signs give directions, help people find you, they reach people who are passing by, they present an image of you and your business or event. In short, signs work for you telling people who you are, what you are doing or what you are selling.

Don't overlook the importance of signs in your business or when planning a campaign or an event large or small. We can help provide you with effective signs that fit your budget.

We feel our business is successful when we have helped your business or event to be a success.

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Ball Field Sponsor Signs

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As a general rule, the greatest return is gained through spending advertising dollars to target the people who pass by your location every day.    When business is good... Advertise. When business is slow... Advertise more!

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